Our Team

Synergy and Motivation. People are at the focus.

Our main resource, are the people of the firm because they have the necessary skills and capacities to do their job in the best possible way and provide their clients with high quality service.

The “People First” philosophy also applies to the BLF team, since for us, people are at the focus because their priority lies in taking care of any aspect of both their professional and humane growth. From the training to the growth and nurturing of talents, the protection of health and safety and the creation of a collaborative, positive and balanced working environment with respect to private life, nothing is left to chance.

BLF does not only value technical skills, but also attitudes and soft skills of their human resources so as to involve them, motivate them and make sure they are in the right place at the right time and that they make their best approach to meet any clients’ needs.

The role of a lawyer is increasingly focused on epoch-making changes. In order to be in a position to meet today’s steadily growing specific requests, it is essential that BLF be able to play as a team, combine individual skills and provide all-in services from both the legal and the communicative points of view.

Each BLF team is headed by a partner steering the group’s actions by motivating and coordinating its efforts. It is the partner who has the vision and passes it on to the others. On the one hand he is an inspirer and on the other hand he is a motivator. His task is to catalyze the efforts of the individual group members in a collective and shared vision.

BLF is much more than just a law firm: it is a team of professionals working together very well with the spirit of solidarity and continuous dialogue.