People First

We are convinced of our human relationships and also our professional skills guaranteeing the best results to our clients.

Studio Legale Bologna

For BLF, good lawyers are those who understand that culture, technicalities and concepts alone do not suffice: the basis of our work has to consist in a permanent strong commitment, passion and, above all, great empathy with our clients, because in order to carry out our activities in the best possible way, we have to be able to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, learn to understand their needs and act clearly and openly and with absolute transparency. Only in this way can they create a solid relationship for a collaboration based first of all on trust and reciprocal respect.

Hence derives our philosophy, i.e. the very one they have called “People First”: our clients are people and for BLF, people come first. We are convinced that a more humane, more welcoming and more comprehensive approach to their profession is the added value permitting them to grow continuously.

BLF’s goal lies reassuring our clients and conveying the certainty that they will be taken care of in every detail by going far beyond mere technical advice. BLF assumes a high level of responsibility when representing a client: for this reason, it would like to dedicate all the time necessary so as to understand any nuance and mindfully reach their goal.

When taking care of people, BLF develops personal and professional relationships based on trust, and in doing so, it renders the process to be gone through together less complex for both parties.

BLF comprises all the subsequent elements: a team of experienced and professional lawyers who always value each client as a person and not as a number: putting the clients in the first place means to understand the clients’ needs, communicate effectively, develop tailor-made plans and ensure that the legal strategy is perfectly aligned with the clients’ initial objectives.

Unlike other law firms, BLF believes only a strong relationship and constant collaboration can produce the best results.