BLF Studio Legale

At clients side for over 40 years

BLF is an independent law firm with offices in Bologna and Milan. BLF offerS a full range of services to Italian and international companies for almost all matters of interest: mergers and acquisitions, corporate and company law, capital markets, banking and financial law, restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, real estate transactions, commercial contracts, intellectual property, litigation and arbitration.

The brand “BLF” was established in 2010 with the intention of continuing the professional experience initiated by some members of the current team in the 1980s. Today our mission is simple and transparent, protect and improve the future of companies through our history and our experience by setting out their sights on the following objectives:

  1. assist our clients during their growth process; 
  1. prevent legal problems from emerging by means of thorough analysis of risks and critical issues related to each individual operation as well as manage and resolve problems having already arisen by defending our clients’ interests in the most efficient way.
Studio Legale a Bologna

BLF’s success is rooted in its fundamental values. Independence, high-quality legal assistance, integrity, strong commitment to each mandate, pragmatic approach, respect and client proximity are the key principles defining the essence of BLF both as a brand and team of people.

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Excellent collaboration is one of BLF’s key skills: BLF believes in the strength of partnership, in the synergy uniting its lawyers in its teamwork, the enhancement and respect of their different points of view, its consistent and constructive internal and external communication, its relations with clients and third parties. Having an ear for its clients’ needs, challenges, and objectives are the key factors for BLF to be in a position to offer to its clients customized and tailor-made plans by forming highly specialized work teams in a position to maximize the value of any consultancy.

BLF provides its customers with the service of a partner specialized in the activities to be carried out and a team dedicated to their projects and is in a position to integrate all the necessary skills so as to offer them the best solutions in any phase of their company’s life.

Being a lawyer with BLF means first of all to learn how to deal with the client, seek to understand a problem and consequently dedicate to it with the respective commitment and with the aim of solving it in the best possible way and in the sole interest of the clients.