M&A e Extraordinary Operations

BLF Studio Legale is in a position to offer the most appropriate team of lawyers with the necessary experience to assist its clients in the best possible with their M&A transactions and extraordinary corporate transactions in general.  

Every day, BLF is committed to providing their clients with customized advice, tailor-made to help them meet their specific investment needs, both on a technical level and in terms of timely compliance with the required timeframe.


01. Mergers and Acquisitions

Successful mergers and acquisitions require the coordinated support of a law firm with extensive resources, wide commercial experience and a team of qualified and highly responsive professionals. BLF always sees to making sure that any transaction is carried out by highly specialized professionals guided by one experienced partner.

BLF assists its clients in both national and international transactions involving the acquisition of majority or minority shareholdings, or the purchase or sale of companies or branches of same.

BLF its at its clients’ side at all stages of the process, i.e.:

– structuring of the operation

– due diligence checks

– negotiation of the transaction terms

– definition of the preliminary and final contractual documents

– implementation of the formalities required to close the operation

Moreover, BLF deals with mergers and demergers on both national and international levels.

BLF routinely works with primary advisors and commercial banks.

BLF assists international groups, Italian listed companies, unlisted companies, investment funds, and other investors as well as individuals with their investments.


02. Private Equity

BLF also has wide experience in the private equity sector, in assisting its clients with investment or divestment transactions carried out by funding entities or with funding entities.

In particular, with regard to legal, corporate, and contractual aspects, BLF assist its clients in structuring leveraged buy-out or buy-in transactions as well as venture capital transactions, in finalizing the financing transactions required for such investments, in defining divestment strategies, and in preparing the contractual documents relating to same.

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