Heritage Protection and Generational Turnaround

The management and protection of assets require particular specialization. BLF offer strategic advice in this regard and are able to better outline their clients’ needs by offering solutions aiming to protect same.

BLF offers legal assistance aimed at organizing their clients’ assets in order to prepare for their adequate protection, both in terms of heading, administration and management as well as generational transition by applying protection tools such as the trust and fiduciary mandates. In particular, BLF deals with all the legal issues related to proper planning, diversification and protection of assets in the perspective of future generations.

The targeted and specialized services offered in this field comprise:

– Legal advice in asset management;

– Specialization in the inheritance of assets;

– Establishment of trusts;

– Planning of management and preservation of family assets;

– Protection of personal and family assets;

– Generational transfer of family-based businesses;

– Management of relationships between family members or partners in family businesses.

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